Standard Library

Last updated: January 14, 2019

WurstScript Standard Library



The WurstScript standard library provides a vast amount of useful packages to developers starting out with Wurst. Many commonly used data structures, wc3-specific utility packages, Object Editing, and extension wrappers for the blizzard natives have been implemented. These tools are unit tested, and ready to use in production immediately.

This documentation aims to be an informal, detailed description of packages from the standard library, containing more examples, potentially images, further links and looks behind the scenes than the in-package hotdoc. Hotdoc in nature should be short and precise, providing concise documentation about single entities, such as a function. It should contain only one or very few usages examples to illustrate the API.

Both hotdoc and these pages should be used in conjuction for a quick familiarisation with the standard library and wurst best practises. All packages in the standard library follow the coding conventions and should be inspected for guidance and inspiration for writing your own code.


This section is incomplete and WIP. Any help would be appreciated - please open an issue, or make a pull request.


      Wurst Unit


      Closure Events

      Closure For Groups

      Closure Timers


      Bit Set

      Hash Map

      Linked List


      Dummy Casting

      Dummy Recycler



  Object Editing

      Ability Object Editing

      Item Object Editing

      Unit Object Editing