Dialog Box

Last updated: February 04, 2019


Creating warcraft dialogs



In warcraft III a dialog refers to a modal dialog that is shown to players with a message text and various buttons to click. Dialogs have several drawbacks, such as disabling user input and chat, and thus should only be seldomly used in multiplayer.

The DialogBox

If you want to create a dialog though, make use of the DialogBox class. You can eiher reuse the same DialogBox and use GetTriggerPlayer() to get the player in the click event:

	let dBox = new DialogBox("Are you a noob?")
	dBox.addButton("Yes") ->
		GetTriggerPlayer()..addGold(500)..display(GetTriggerPlayer(), false)

	dBox.addButton("No", () -> dBox.display(GetTriggerPlayer(), false))

	doAfter(0.1) ->
		// Don't call display during init
		for i = 0 to 11
			dBox.display(players[i], true)

Example with global and display on spellcast:

constant GOLD_BOX = new DialogBox("Extra starting gold?")

	// add buttons
	dBox.addButton("Yes") ->

	EventListener.onCast(SPELL_ID) (caster) ->
		GOLD_BOX.display(caster, true)

Or you can create them on the spot, passing the player to the callback:

function showBox(player p)
	let tempBox = new DialogBox(SOME_DYNAMIC_STRING)
	tempBox.addButton("OK") ->
		Log.info(p.getName() " as accepted.")
		destroy tempBox
	tempBox.display(p, false)