Closure For Groups

Last updated: December 10, 2018


Groups, enumerations, and iterating


The wurst standard library provides a convenience wrapper for iterating over units.

Nominally the ForUnitsInXXX function family creates an abstraction over the group handle type.

All you ever needed

The only thing you really need to understand is the interface:

interface ForGroupCallback
	function callback(unit u)

The ClosureForGroups package provides functions that give you a ForGroupcallback.

The API overview


group.forEachFrom() u ->
	// Removes units from the group, providing a reference to each in turn as
	// `u`.
forUnitsOfPlayer(player p) u ->
	// Anonymously iterates over all the units `u` in turn owned by player `p`.
	// Note that as this method wraps `GroupEnumUnitsOfPlayer`, it includes
	// locust units.
forUnitsAll() u ->
	// Iterates over all units by iterating over each player's units in turn.
forUnitsInRect(rect r) u ->
	// Iterates over units in rect `r`.
forUnitsInRange(vec2 pos, real radius) u ->
	// Iterates over all the units within `radius` distance from `pos`.

More advanced stuff

The standard library provides some slightly more powerful tools:

forNearestUnit(vec2 pos, real range, filterfunc filter) u ->
	// Only called for the single closest unit to `pos` matching the `filter`.

And a handful of similar closure wrappers for destructables:

forDestructablesInRect(r) d ->
forNearestDestructable(pos, range) ->