Closure Events

Last updated: January 20, 2019


Generic Events


ClosureEvents.wurst is a generalized event listener wrapper around Warcraft III events, making us of closures as listeners. Using closures allows you to carry over data and save listeners in variables.

Make sure to always use the EVENT_UNIT_PLAYER variants of the events for Closure events, even if it’s just for a single unit. Instead use an appropriate version of .add() with a unit parameter

Generic events

In most cases you will want to use the generic EvenetListener.add(..) api. A few examples:

EventListener.add(EVENT_PLAYER_UNIT_DEATH) ->"Any unit died: " + GetTriggerUnit().getName())

EventListener.add(specificUnit, EVENT_PLAYER_UNIT_DEATH) ->"specificUnit died: " + GetTriggerUnit().getName())

Special events

The following events can also be used, but aren’t of EVENT_PLAYER_UNIT_* type:


Chat input event

Even though EVENT_PLAYER_CHAT = ConvertPlayerEvent(16) exists, it isn’t the event used by the TriggerRegisterPlayerChatEvent native and doesn’t give access to the entered message. Therefore you need to use EVENT_PLAYER_CHAT_FILTER = ConvertPlayerEvent(96) if you want access to GetEventPlayerChatString.

EventListener.add(EVENT_PLAYER_CHAT_FILTER) ->
	let input = GetEventPlayerChatString()
	let plyer = GetTriggerPlayer()

Cast events

For cast events there exist comfort wrappers starting with EventListener.on. For example:

EventListener.onCast(MY_SPELL_ID) caster ->
	print(caster.getName() + " casted my spell.")

EventListener.onTargetCast(myUnit, MY_SPELL_ID) (caster, target) ->
	caster.damageTarget(target, 50.)

EventListener.onPointCast(myUnit, MY_SPELL_ID) (caster, target) ->
	flashEffect(Abilities.frostNovaTarget, target)