Buff Object Editing

Last updated: January 24, 2019


Creating buff object data


In Warcraft III buffs are negative or positive status effects on units. However they are often only the visual part of an ability that the unit posesses.

Regular Buff Editing

To generate a regular buff just use BuffDefinition and pass the id of the buff you want to use as source.

public constant MY_BUFF_ID = compiletime(BUFF_ID_GEN.next())

@compiletime function genBuff()
	new BuffDefinition(MY_BUFF_ID, 'Basl')
		..setName(1, "My Buff")
		..setTooltipNormal(1, "Hello there")
		..setTooltipNormalExtended(1, "This unit is buffed")

Dummy Tornado Buffs

When dealing with buffs we usually want to generate them for custom abilities without any side effects. To do exactly that, we use the createDummyBuffObject functions. These functions will generate an ability and a buff which you can apply by adding the ability to a unit. They return a tuple containing both of those ids.

let MY_BUFF = compiletime(createDummyBuffObject("My Buff", "This unit is buffed", Icons.btnAcorn))

function add()

function remove()