wurst.build file

Last updated: October 23, 2019
Author: Frotty

The wurst.build file


This tutorial documents the usage of the wurst setup tool in combination with the wurst.build file to create versionable map and project configuration.

File Structure

The wurst.build file is a yaml file that must reside at the root of your project. The wurst folder therefore should be right next to it. This file controls your project’s dependencies and how the map is configured upon a build task. All values in this file are optional. Incomplete or invalid config will be completed by using the map’s existing configuration and default values. The following is a complete wurst.build file with all fields containing the default values. If you are not changing this default values, you can omit the fields.

projectName: Escape Builder Reloaded
- https://github.com/wurstscript/wurstStdlib2
- https://github.com/frotty/frentity
  name: JustAnotherWurstMap # Name shown ingame, may be colored
  fileName: MyWurstMap # Name of the map file
  author: SomeWurstUser # Name of the author
    description: WurstScript powered! # The map's description
    suggestedPlayers: DefaultSuggestedPlayers # Hint text displayed in lobby
      background: Generic
      title: DefaultTitle
      subTitle: DefaultSubtitle
      text: DefaultText
    hideMinimapPreview: false
    forcesFixed: false
    maskedAreasPartiallyVisible: false
    showWavesOnCliffShores: false
    showWavesOnRollingShores: false
    useItemClassificationSystem: false
  - id: 0
    name: DefaultPlayer
    race: HUMAN
    controller: USER
    fixedStartLoc: false
  - name: DefaultForce
    - 0
      allied: true
      alliedVictory: true
      sharedVision: true
      sharedControl: false
      sharedControlAdvanced: false


The setup does no version locking for now, but this is planned for a future version. Transitive dependencies will not be resolved. You can target specific branches using a suffix, e.g. https://github.com/wurstscript/wurstStdlib2:pre1.29.

A dependency is a simple url to a public git repo, which can be pulled by the setup. Projects created by the setup include the standard library dependency by default: https://github.com/wurstscript/wurstStdlib2.

To add a dependency run grill install with a valid, accesible git repo url, e.g. grill install https://github.com/frotty/frentity.

Map Configuration

Scenario Data

coming soon