Delicious programming language that compiles to Jass/Lua

Get started using Wurst.


Install WurstScript and setup your first project.


Wurst guides on specific topics for aspiring developers.


Formal description of all language features.

Standard Library

Documentation for packages in the wurst standard library.


Maps and Libraries achieved with WurstScript.

Credits & Contact

See people involved in Wurst and contact them.

Why WurstScript?

For a modern and integrated development experience. The free and open source modding toolchain for Warcraft III !

Great Editor Support

Highlighting, auto-complete, realtime code feedback and more.

Modern Language Features

Tuples, Closures, Lambdas, Generics and more for Jass.

Standard Library

Focus on content - common packages are already provided.

Active Development

Frequent open source updates and blog posts.

Please report any bugs, issues or requests on our Issue Tracker.