Exciting Enhancements to JHCR Support in WurstScript

We’re thrilled to announce recent updates and additions to JHCR (Jass Hot Code Reload) by @lep, alongside significant upgrades to its support within WurstScript.

Integrated Hot Reload Functionality

The hot reload feature now seamlessly integrates with wurst.build map data injection, enhancing the development workflow. Leveraging the newly added JHCR API, we are now able to display the status of each reload operation directly, providing immediate feedback to developers.

Streamlined Development with JHCR

JHCR revolutionizes the way we work with Jass by allowing the reloading of code changes without the need to restart the map. This advancement significantly speeds up the testing and development cycle, making it easier than ever to iterate on your Warcraft III maps.

Check Out Our Tutorial

For a comprehensive guide on how to utilize JHCR in your projects, don’t hesitate to check out our detailed tutorial. It’s designed to get you up and running with this powerful feature in no time.

Enjoy your improved Warcraft III map development with these latest enhancements to JHCR and WurstScript. Your feedback and experiences are highly valued as we continue to improve and expand our support.