Hello and welcome to the Wurst Blog! This blog will be home to posts related to Wurst and its tools. Discussion here aims to be more concise, frequent, and casual, compared to our tutorials. It serves more as a news source to stay up to date on improvements in WurstScript, and how you can use it to it’s fullest extent.

Our aim is to quarterly collect changes and newsworthy happenings into “This season in wurst” posts [see here].

Where should I look for future blog posts?

A bookmark here might be appropriate, but we’ll also link here on wc3modding.reddit.com, and for major posts, cross-post to hiveworkshop.com. Starring our github projects is also a good indication of interest and appreciation.

What’s new?

Wurst has steadily progressed in the recent years, with development continuing as time allowed. The language has now matured and can handle most use cases flawlessly. To make it more easily and widely available, we have completely revamped the website, made a new setup/update tool, and reorganized the whole source code. However, innumerable changes have taken place, and we don’t plan to retroactively summarise all of them.

Check back soon as we plan our first summary post on This Summer in Wurst.