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Best of the Wurst 8 - August Updates

Frotty September 15, 2018

The spotlight this month is VSCode integration

Best of the Wurst 7 - Summer Slumber

Frotty July 30, 2018

After a small summer break we return this month with many bugfixes and improvements

Best of the Wurst 6 - April Augmentations

Frotty May 17, 2018

This time we check out our new vararg functions and take a look at vector tuples

About 1.29 Support

Frotty April 13, 2018

Short headsup about 1.29 and Wurst

Best of the Wurst 5 - Late March Update

Frotty March 23, 2018

This month we go through some techniques when creating a wurst spell

Best of the Wurst 4 - February Update

Frotty February 01, 2018

This month we show our roadmap and explain unit testing

Best of the Wurst 3 - January Update

Frotty January 01, 2018

Wurst enters another year with many changes

Best of the Wurst 2 - December Update

Cokemonkey11, Frotty December 03, 2017

Our first timely blog post for the holidays.

This Summer in Wurst

Cokemonkey11 November 15, 2017

Summary of all the changes and updates to wurst during this summer.

Hello Wurst

Frotty August 30, 2017

This is the beginning of the Wurst Blog and we talk about it.